UK-US new 'passporting deal' considered ?

Donald Trump is planning a new deal for Britain this week asTheresa May becomes the first foreign leader to meet himsince the inauguration. With hundreds of thousands of people across the world protesting his presidency, Mr Trump’s team was working with Number 10 to finalise plans for White House talks. Mr Trump has even taken […]


KUARIX is happy to annunce a new team member, a new market launch & a new partnership, José Rivas CEO of ´KONSIGUE´, http://bit.ly/2dOjOr0 has been appointed ´Country Manager Méxicó´, Kuarix and Konsigue are starting a strategic alliance with the aim to offer a complete financial service to our respective clients. Konsigue is the first financial […]

España cuadruplica su sector Fintech en 3 años

El Fintech Radar Spain nos muestra como la banca retail es el subsector de la industria financiera más amenazado por las Fintech españolas, con más del 80% de las startups Fintech centradas en soluciones B2C compitiendo directamente con la banca comercial. En concreto los segmentos Fintech que más actividad, innovación y dinamismo concentran en España […]

What Makes FinTech So Successful and Disruptive?

Success in FinTech is often comparable to a hike without a backpack in a company of experienced hikers who carry large sacks with water and snacks and willing to share when necessary. In the case of FinTech, experienced companions are the bank investors. Traditional financial institutions have been in this game for a while and […]

BREXIT – 10 Reasons why Brexit would be bad for UK FinTech

Impact of Brexit on the UK’s European FinTech Leadership The implications of Brexit on the thriving UK fintech sector would be ‘catastrophic’, resulting in a loss of $5bn over the course of the next five years and an exodus of companies in the financial sector to the EU & US. The report commissioned by London Fintech Week 2016 in […]

How Can Joining Campus Organizations Contribute to Your Academic Success?

As a student, it can be very easy to believe that academics should be your sole priority. While it is certainly true that your coursework should take precedence, there are other opportunities on campus for both academic and personal growth—extracurriculars, for instance. Involvement in one or more campus organizations has many advantages. For instance, participating […]

5 Ways International Students Can Ace Their College Applications

Applying to university—no matter which country you call home—is a complex process. International students may be unsure as to what, exactly, is needed to increase their chances of gaining admission to the American school of their dreams, but never fear! These five areas (and their associated strategies) can help students ace their college applications. 1. […]

Understanding how money works differently in the US and why credit is so important

Provided by SelfScore, a company founded by former international students to provide today’s international students access to scholarships, student loans (coming soon), and fair credit. When international students come to the United States to attend university, finances are always a major concern—it’s the single biggest barrier to the privileges of studying abroad. If you’re fortunate enough […]